Purpose: moving you forward, faster.

Well and Willing exists for your discovery and development.

Have you ever felt stuck? Weren't exactly sure what to do next?

Each and every human has capacity for growth, creativity, and contribution.

Sometimes we just need space to choose.

Choose to face forward. Every person has a past, a present, and thoughts about the future. When you take space to check in with yourself, sometimes there's a need to turn around and refocus. Then you see things differently. There you find possibilities and solutions instead of problems and excuses.

Choose to be well. External circumstances are real and at the same time, you don't have to give them all of the power. Being well isn't about achieving perfection. It's about practicing wholeness; physical, mental, emotional, relational, and so on. There you find true wellness, regardless of circumstances.

Choose to be willing. Willingness to explore your own insides and create your own way makes deep personal growth possible.  Showing up to put in the work is a gift to yourself and eventually to others. Discovering what truly matters to you helps you decide what you’re willing to work for.

Ideas, Values, Plans, Leaders, Teams, Movements; They're all grown from intentional, purposeful space.

Benefits: real, sustainable change.

Have you ever started a new behavior, only to revert back to an old way of being? Or maybe you've developed an idea you're really excited about, only to have your inner critic squash it? Why is it so challenging to change?

The practice of moving forward in aligned action, over and over, is what big change is made of. When your actions are created from a strong identity, deeply meaningful vision, and core values, motivation takes care of itself. 

Sometimes we need a partner to get there.

Lighten up and release limits. As serious as it sounds, partnering with a coach is fun! Being invited to find new perspective in a judgment-free zone is refreshing. When you realize you've been carrying something around that's no longer useful for you, a coach helps you sit it down. A coach helps you find something new to try on and helps you decide how it fits. It's a relief to have someone there to keep it all moving forward.

Get clear about what matters. Attempting to find your own blindspots can be fairly futile work. We all need a mirror (and a flashlight).  A coach helps you deeply connect with your whole self; seeing pictures of what you desire, hearing your own advice, and feeling your values in your heart (and sometimes your guts). A coach shifts around perspectives until you're able to say YES! THAT'S IT!

Create measurable results. Finding insights, values, and visions are all necessary, but without action there's really not much point. A coach helps you create your own accountability (and sometimes helps you call your own bluff), so you can get where you want to go. 

Services: development coaching.

Well and Willing offers coaching services for individuals, teams, and organizations. Transformational coaching is applicable to the whole person. Professional development is personal development.

Coaching services are offered via web, phone, or in person (depending on geography).  

Packages may be purchased by individuals, or individuals may be sponsored by an organization or employer. Financial investment is often less than continuing education courses or conferences and is far more personalized and results oriented. Contracts are designed individually and include pre and post assessment to set goals and measure change. 

Commitment to coaching typically lasts no less than three months, in order to allow time for results to emerge and habits to solidify.

Conversations with a coach typically occur 2-3 times per month, with occasional check-ins in between.